Filling, Capping & Labeling Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry in India

In India, filling, capping and labeling machines have become quite famous in the pharmaceutical industries.

These machines are available with advance technology and these are used for capping and filling of all sorts of bottles like glass, plastic etc. Well, the capping and filling machines used in the pharmaceutical industries are quite different than that of used in other industries. The features of these capping machines are:

  • These are used for only one purpose
  • Production of quality caps so that medicines can be stored for a long time
  • These machines are available with modular filling with durable dosing pumps

Both automatic and semi automatic machines are available in the industry. Automatic capping machines are having the capacity to seal up to 100 containers per minute.  In case of semi-automatic machines it can cap and label up to 40 containers. More…


What Type of Capping Machine Should I Use for my packaging Industries

Nowadays the Capping Machine is used in the different industries such as food, cosmetic, beverage, and other industries.

Capping Machines

Capping Machines

The Capping Machine is available in the different size and types, and the diameter of the machine depends on the size of the machine. We provide the best design Capping Machine to suit the various industries. The various types of the Capping Machine are ROPP capping machine, vial cap sealing machine, semi-auto cap sealing machine, automatic capping machine, and others. What Type of Capping Machine Should I Use for my packaging Industries, screw capping machine mostly used in the packing industries. The automatic capping machine is the perfect for the every type of the bottle and caps, and the speed is two-hundred CPM.  The vial cap sealing is used for the sealing machine to protect the leakage and spoilage of the bottle.