Capping Machine – Suitable for all sizes of screw caps sealed on bottles

Capping machine, having popularity in the name of Capping Machine is used widely in leading pharmaceutical companies for bottle capping. Apart from pharmaceutical companies we can see its application for perfume bottle sealing, wine bottle capping, Liquid or liquor bottle capping and many more are there on the list. There are many companies which are engaged in the manufacturing of capping machine and one of the trusted among them are SHREE BHAGAWATI PHARMA machinery company. There are different models available with this company which is suitable for all sizes of screw caps sealed on bottles.

Screw Capping Machine

Screw Capping Machine

Depending on the requirement of the industry selection of the model of capping machine need to be done. The speed in which Capping will be completed will be decided based on the placements of caps right on bottle. For automatic version machine speed can be controlled by the operator. Maximum machines comes with a speed capacity of 40-100 Bottles per minute.


Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Machine Manufacturer

We actively involved in the manufacturing of different kind of filtration systems for more than eight years viz, spiral, leaf, bag, sparkler and much more.

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Machine

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Machine

Now we could add one more to its range by introducing a new generation of horizontal plate type filter press, it is used to close the pressure filter, and we are the one to make it first time in India for explanation and severance of solids from liquid.  And our general practices, the horizontal plate filter is scrupulously experienced in our industry and proved earlier than releasing for marketing.  And it has number of features such as

  • Full Batch recovery of the filtrate.
  • No Scavenging of the filtrate.
  • Complete Cake retains on the Plate.
  • Low noise operation.
  • High output results.
  • Reduce the cost of treatment of Catalyst, Toxic Chemicals.
  • Single pass clear filtration.

More… Application & Technical Details

Sticker Labeling Machine – Important for packing tasks in industries

After completing the manufacturing of the products same needs to be labeled perfectly for giving a unique identity to the product in the market.

Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine ensures to place the label in the right position which contains the brand name , product description , MRP and other important details which are mandatory for the buyers of the product to know. The look and appearance of  product gets a perfect makeover with the use of high quality stickers. Labeling of products in bulk is a time consuming job and so use of  Sticker Labeling Machine – Important for packing tasks in industries. Bulk labeling can be done in short span of time with use of this machine and saves money to be invested for employing labeling employees.

Shree Bhagawati Pharma Machinery company is known for manufacturing superior quality Sticker Labeling Machine.

Specialization in Screw Capping Machine

At Shree Bhagwati Pharma Machinery Company you will get the best Screw Capping machine.

Screw Capping Machine

Screw Capping Machine

We assure 100% reliability when you purchase this product of ours. We have a team of intelligent experts, who have left no stone unturned in terms of developing this machine with the best of the technologies into one. When you avail this product from our company, we are sure that you do not have to regret your purchase.

The manufacturers in our group have made extensive research and have come up with a machine that boasts of the best technologies together. After the product has been built, it has been tested and re-tested to find out if there are any problems with the machine at all. You can avail this machine at a very low cost online and our customer care service is always there at your service in case you face problems while installing.

High Speed Sticker Labeling Machine

We are the innovative and expert firm offers modern infrastructure facilities like Sticker labeling machine.

High Speed Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine

We offer broad scope engineering products; these labeling machines are firmly verified on various parameters. The system meets high-speed marketing demands. It includes entire electrical specifications such as pressing device motor, sticker roll stepper motor and conveyor motor. This machine can deliver output of label length of 30mm, 108mm and width 16mm up to 100mm. The quiet features in our entire products such as in-built product counter, online rejection system, extreme speed with exact labeling, online speed can differ, simple steps to operate, suitable for various shapes like pet, plastic, ampoules, vials, tin, glass, etc. Our products are specially intended to fix all your issues and function well without doubt. We already experienced in dealing various product manufacturing task in the effective way. We assist you to change your environment by our quality product.

Shree Bhagwati Machtech – Manufacturer, Exporter Of Packaging Machinery

Welcome to Shree Bhagwati Machtech! We are customer-centric organization. “Customers’ satisfaction is our gratification”. This is what we have been believing for decades. It is very exhilarating to inform you that we have passed 27 years in this industry! We have become one of the oldest and strongest industrial organizations in Packaging Machinery. Our extensive experience is the testimonial of our amenities to our venerated customers. It has made us renowned in the industry as noteworthy industrial machinery manufacturer and supplier.

liquid filling machine

  liquid filling machine

We established the service in 1988 and for years now we are happy grow old by pleasing our friendly customers. The core objective of our enterprise is to make our clientele gleeful by our service. The mentor of the entire organization is Mr. Arjun Rao who has educated the workers to work tremendously hard and be the savant that are customers need. We have been successful in fulfilling their requirements.

Labeling machinery

Labeling machinery

We are a one-stop manufacturer of almost all the industrial machineries. Our products come in amazingly huge variety. They include all the machineries of the industries different sections like washing machineries, liquid filling industries, powder filling industries, machineries of blister packing section, inspection section machineries, labeling machineries and lots more. Our wares are appreciated for containing the novelty in them. For more details contact us or visit our website

Preamble of Turn Table Section and its Machinery

Turntable section is one of the sections of the whole industrial processes.

Turn Table Scrambler and Unscrambles is used for this section. It is more close-packed and amazingly efficient. It is a utilitarian machine. It contains multifarious uses because of its wide variety features.

Turn Table Scrambler and unscramble is used for the washing of glass and plastic bottles.     It is for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirement. This GMP section cannot be overlooked in the industrial market.

Principles of Turn Table Scrambler and Unscrambler:

The chief principle of Turn Table Scrambler and Unscrambler is that it works on the rotary principle of “GENEVA” mechanism.

Although, the turn table scrambler & unscrambler is not fully automatic, it is very productive. It requires manpower to load and unload bottles.


Optional Features:

  • All exposed parts of S. S. or Aluminium to avoid any rusting.
  • Reduction Gear ensures jerk free and Noiseless performance.
  • Square Frame imparts Vibration free performance and allows absolute cleanliness even inside.

Technical Details:

Model No. 

SBTT – 30″
SBTT – 36″
SBTT – 42″

Power Characteristics.

440 Volts, 3 Phase (4 Wire System), 50 Cycles/Sec.


Model Nos. SBTT – 0760 SBTT-0915 SBTT-1065
Disc. Size 762 915 1066
A 0785 0940 1090
B 0585 0585 0585
C 1190 1345 1495
Motors H.P 0.75 0.75 1.00
 Adjustable Height 740 to 840
All Dimensions are in mm