How about the Automatic Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machine

Bhagwati Pharma is pioneer manufacturers of Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine across the world. Automatic Rotary Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machine is multipurpose, self-maintained on stainless steel leg with height flexible modification system.

The mechanism is exactitude erected on robust soldered steel frame completely enfold in stainless steel sheet and doors are providing to simplify the examining of mechanism, work on magnitude filling standard with rotary motion. The element is made compact, versatile and encircled in stainless steel stylishly matt varnish body. No Bottle no Filling, no caps no capping, no caps auto stops. Rinsing empty bottle, filling, and capping functions are combined in one organism, fully automatic harmonized functioning. Bottle surveys practically from in-feed till out-feed subsequent scuff free movement of bottle. Density filling nozzles deliver fast, well-organized and precise bestowing with marginal dripping and leak.


  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Extraordinary performance
  • Fully automatic
  • Three-in-one Machinery

Trust Bhagwati Pharma for Processing and Packaging Machinery

World works on trust. Whatsoever systems, processes you may assertion of unless the public trust you. That Trust created by Bhagwati Pharma in market for their processing and packing machinery by serving in nationwide and worldwide from 2 eras through the huge manufacturing division extent across 70,000 sq. ft. of area. Our Processing and Packaging Machinery are devising core proficiency in design, manufacturing and installation of our exceedingly engineered and fabricated SS processing and packaging machinery. Bhagwati Pharma is uninterrupted in procedure of assessing and upgrading our pharmaceutical machinery with cutting edge technical features. From end to end the procedure, we effort to come across the machinery features augmentations further than the customer prospects and have become triumph in succeeding the goalmouths agreed by the pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Automatic processing & packaging machinery used for pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Distilleries & pesticides, Cosmetics & Breweries packaging machines, Lube & toiletries, Food & Edible oil, Ancillaries packaging equipment’s as per the universal eminence values at cost effective rates. We make available huge range of pharmaceutical machinery including filling machines, washing machines, labeling machines, capping machines etc.

Filling, Capping & Labeling Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry in India

In India, filling, capping and labeling machines have become quite famous in the pharmaceutical industries.

These machines are available with advance technology and these are used for capping and filling of all sorts of bottles like glass, plastic etc. Well, the capping and filling machines used in the pharmaceutical industries are quite different than that of used in other industries. The features of these capping machines are:

  • These are used for only one purpose
  • Production of quality caps so that medicines can be stored for a long time
  • These machines are available with modular filling with durable dosing pumps

Both automatic and semi automatic machines are available in the industry. Automatic capping machines are having the capacity to seal up to 100 containers per minute.  In case of semi-automatic machines it can cap and label up to 40 containers. More…

The Automatic External Vial Washing Machine – How it Works

The automatic external Vial Washing Machine has large application in the fields like pharmaceutical, dairy, cosmetics, food, etc.

Automatic External Vial Washing Machine

Automatic External Vial Washing Machine

This machine is used for washing the outer surface of vial especially the round shaped one. The machines are able to wash the outer sides of vials and these are able to eliminate the elements which are existing on the vials. There are two conveyors which are found in the machine. The salient features of these machines are

  • GMP model
  • Exclusive S.S frame Structure
  • Superb and simple cleaning and maintenance facility
  • Advanced PLC system
  • Existence of alarm in PLC

While carrying on washing, only cold water is to be used. Hot water is not allowed. The height of the machine ranges from 38 mm to 120 mm. This machine manufactured by Shree Bhagwati handles Up to 240 vials per minute depending on the neck size & vial size

What Type of Capping Machine Should I Use for my packaging Industries

Nowadays the Capping Machine is used in the different industries such as food, cosmetic, beverage, and other industries.

Capping Machines

Capping Machines

The Capping Machine is available in the different size and types, and the diameter of the machine depends on the size of the machine. We provide the best design Capping Machine to suit the various industries. The various types of the Capping Machine are ROPP capping machine, vial cap sealing machine, semi-auto cap sealing machine, automatic capping machine, and others. What Type of Capping Machine Should I Use for my packaging Industries, screw capping machine mostly used in the packing industries. The automatic capping machine is the perfect for the every type of the bottle and caps, and the speed is two-hundred CPM.  The vial cap sealing is used for the sealing machine to protect the leakage and spoilage of the bottle.

Knowing the Different types of storage vessels

Application of storage vessels can be seen in many industries and the major among them are brewing, beverage, food, and waste, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Storage Vessels

Storage Vessels

Mostly use of high quality steel is made for the manufacturing of these storage vessels which are supplied to many industries. Keeping in mind the multiple requirements of the industries there are different types of storage vessels which are manufactured by the leading companies. The commonly found storage vessels in the industry include:

  • Bulk storage vessels (stainless steel / mild steel)
  • Mixing vessels
  • Fermentation vessels
  • Powder silos
  • Bright beer tanks
  • Process vessels
  • Cellar tanks
  • Micro breweries
  • Brew houses
  • Horizontal vessels

Shree Bhagwati Machtech India Pvt. Ltd is one of the chosen best companies in the industry which is known for manufacturing superior quality storage vessels using high quality steel and latest technology. This company is manufacturing Storage Vessels with storage capacity ranging from 50 liters to 180,000 liters

How do Tube Filling Machine Work ?

Tube Filling Machine is basically a very simple yet sturdy machine used for filling of cream like items like paste, cosmetic creme, pharmaceuticals, and food paste tube.

Tube Filling Machine

Tube Filling Machine

The machines are manufactured in two versions- one for plastic tubes and end one is for aluminum tubes. Plastic laminated tubes get sealed with heat whereas aluminum tubes gets sealed gets crimped. The tubes are filled by stainless steel syringe pump. The volume of Filling can be set in accurate manner as required by the industry. There are Different types of syringes which are recommended for different filling volume range.

If you are looking for the best tube filling machine then we will suggest you to pay a visit to the website of SHREE BHAGAWATI PHARMA Machinery company. You will get all required information from the experts of the company. The machine available with this company is perfect for filling; sealing coding of Aluminum tube besides plastic LAMI tubes with changing of sealing device.