Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Machine Manufacturer

We actively involved in the manufacturing of different kind of filtration systems for more than eight years viz, spiral, leaf, bag, sparkler and much more.

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Machine

Horizontal Plate Type Filter Press Machine

Now we could add one more to its range by introducing a new generation of horizontal plate type filter press, it is used to close the pressure filter, and we are the one to make it first time in India for explanation and severance of solids from liquid.  And our general practices, the horizontal plate filter is scrupulously experienced in our industry and proved earlier than releasing for marketing.  And it has number of features such as

  • Full Batch recovery of the filtrate.
  • No Scavenging of the filtrate.
  • Complete Cake retains on the Plate.
  • Low noise operation.
  • High output results.
  • Reduce the cost of treatment of Catalyst, Toxic Chemicals.
  • Single pass clear filtration.

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Sticker Labeling Machine – Important for packing tasks in industries

After completing the manufacturing of the products same needs to be labeled perfectly for giving a unique identity to the product in the market.

Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine ensures to place the label in the right position which contains the brand name , product description , MRP and other important details which are mandatory for the buyers of the product to know. The look and appearance of  product gets a perfect makeover with the use of high quality stickers. Labeling of products in bulk is a time consuming job and so use of  Sticker Labeling Machine – Important for packing tasks in industries. Bulk labeling can be done in short span of time with use of this machine and saves money to be invested for employing labeling employees.

Shree Bhagawati Pharma Machinery company is known for manufacturing superior quality Sticker Labeling Machine.